I’m lonely

I’m lonely

Every Sunday night i feel like everybody hates me. i wanted to kill my parents because they are together and I feel lonely. I try not to remember my past history because then I will feel more sad. I will feel more sad because my past history is a bad story. I was adopted last year. I keep remembering different things about my biological mom and those things make me feel bad because I don’t want to remember that time, because it was a bad time. Thank you for listening to me. My parents helped me write this.

Consider This:

Thanks for writing your story and sharing your struggles.  It’s extra nice that your parents helped you write into this site so you have some support when you are lonely.  It can be very hard when it feels like you are all alone.  Make sure you reach out to someone when you feel this way.  Your parents might even be able to think back to times when they felt the same way.

Take these times to work on yourself.  Go for a walk, exercise, or participate in some thing you enjoy doing.  Engaging in recreational activities can also help you build a community of friends.  Maybe you can join a club at school or your parents will enroll you for a class like art, music, dance, some kind of sport, or karate.

Journaling is also a good way to express your feelings on paper and allowing them to be released without any harm.  Once you start writing it seems your brain starts to organize your thoughts and you can find solutions.  You can also write about your past if you want to, but remember your past does not dictate your life.  You have become strong through those very difficult experiences and you have an entire life ahead of you that has nothing to do with that past.  You can move beyond it and look forward.  You have parents that have adopted you and love you.

Help Yourself:

What kind of things can you do to get your mind off of being lonely?

What kind of activities might help you meet other people?

Who could you reach out to for help if you needed to talk to someone?