I’m Scared

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I’m scared my mom is going to get sick again

My mom got sick when I was 11 and had surgery, but 6 months later it came back and she nearly died. She survived but she couldn’t walk for weeks, she could barely breathe and even now 5 years later she will never be the same. She’s going for her annual test tomorrow and I can’t stop feeling like she’s going to get sick again. I always know when something bad is coming, I sound crazy but I can. I knew my mom was going to get sick because I had dreams about it and now I keep having thoughts about it so I can’t shake the feeling she’s going to get sick again.

Help yourself:

  • When those we love are not well it hits pretty hard for many of us and we sometimes don’t know how to feel. Sometimes we discourage ourselves from feeling anything at all or talking about it. Thank you so much for reaching out to us at TeenCentral. You are already accomplishing so much for yourself by doing so. Be proud, we know this is difficult to do. Waiting for test results is a very hard thing to do for you, for your mother and for everyone in your family who cares for her. We are wishing the very best – clean and clear results, and the best health for her.
  • Is there anyone in your life such as a close family member or friend that you would feel comfortable with enough to turn to for support and guidance? Sometimes just being able to talk about what is going on can help to guide you through a very hard situation. Especially if they are close to the situation as well and/or experiencing the same thing as you. If you don’t feel like you have anyone, please consider reaching out to the Crisis Textline. Someone will always be available to help and support you 24/7. Simply text “HELLO” to 741741. Or you can always visit their website at
  • Have you tried talking with your mother directly about this and how you feel? Have you told her about the dreams you have had? She may be able to provide you will some guidance and clarity pertaining to her condition. Or maybe she can provide you with simple comfort, which could really be helpful.

Consider this:

  • Please take some time to explore out resources under the “Learn” tab and the “Tools” tab on our home page. Here you will find some guides and activities for creating your own support plan, self-positive talk, managing depression/anxiety, and even yoga activities including a yoga journal.
  • Do you have any positive coping skills or activities you participate in to help ease you mind and nerves? Art, music, and physical activity is extremely helpful for calming the mind and soothing these scary emotions. Take a few minutes to look through the “What’s New” section. This section includes many different blogs that may interest you  includes various blogs that may interest you, including ones about using journaling, art, and even deep breathing to aid in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Taking care of YOU is important when you are focusing on and worrying about someone else. Remember this simple truth…you cannot help another person if you are not functioning at your very best. So make sure you are also taking time for yourself to fill your own health and wellness “tank”. Please refer to this important TOOL which helps us remember tips about taking care of ourselves. And please feel free to write to TeenCentral anytime you like. We are always here to listen.