I’m so grateful

By February 16, 2021No Comments

Thank you for replying. I was very anxious about your reply since I hadn’t written in a while. (this may seem over the top) but I cried when I read your reply. Knowing that someone cares and is actually listening to me means a lot. Especially since I’m used to being told I’m just a kid and that everything I say are lies to make people feel bad. I have the type of family that doesn’t believe in therapy, they believe the only mental health issue is being insane. It’s very hard to live in a house where your opinions are TOTALY different from your families. But you made me feel noticed and appreciated (if that makes sense) just as you did all those times before.

You commented on my writing and I wanted to tell you that I’m actually writing a book! I love books and I am very inspired by my favorite author (Michael morpurgo) and wanted to try to write a book. It’s one of the few things that help me take my mind off of other things going on right now. I’m also thinking about trying painting to calm myself down, and waking up early in the mornings since my sleep schedule is really bad. At 5am I can’t sleep and start crying because I am SO tired. But my brain just won’t shut of and I cant fall asleep. ( I’m writing this at 2am)

I’m sorry I know this type of thing isn’t really what this website is for, but I really feel appreciated by you and I wanted you to know how I’m coping a bit more. Also if taking up your time (since other people have written too) please let me know!

I hope that one day I can maybe talk to a therapist so I won’t need to ‘cope’ and I won’t have these problems anymore.


  • It can be an amazing feeling when your voice is heard, it’s ok to be happy about that. And we want you to know that WE HEAR YOU! Keep using TeenCentral to tell your story, we are always here to listen.
  • TeenCentral is not only about sharing your story. You can check out all of the other resources we have, you might find something to help you cope with your family’s differing view points or some of the anxiety you mentioned. Click on our anxiety page to find some really helpful coping skills. It is important that no matter what you are going through, that you take care of your own mental health. Sharing your story with us is just the first big step on your journey.
  • You don’t have to wait until later to talk to a counselor or therapist, there are resources available to you right now. We highly encourage you to reach out to a counselor at school or someone in your community that can connect you with someone to talk to. Don’t wait, start that process now.


  • We love that you love writing! It is such a great outlet for you emotions. You are totally right, it is a great way to take your mind off of things that are going on in your life. It is also a way to get some of those big feelings out on paper. You may even feel some sort of relief after you are done writing. Sometimes seeing how you feel on paper is really powerful. If you keep a journal, you can look back on some of your experiences and see just how far you have come. Keep it up! 
  • You mentioned wanting to start painting. Have you ever thought about keeping an “Art Journal”? If you haven’t heard of an Art Journal before, read our blog about some of the benefits of it. You can always go back and look at your creative progress over time. How does your art change when your feelings change? Can you see the emotions in the colors or shapes that you put on paper?
  • Keep trying new and different things that make you happy. Make them a part of your daily or weekly routine. Set some time aside to try different coping strategies and continue to do the things that bring your joy. We see the progress you are making!