Issues with mom

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Whenever my mom and I are on good terms, she always find a reason to argue with me. The problem is that I try to have a connection with my mom but it makes it hard when we start arguing because then we never stop. This is starting to affect me again because I have a boy that I like hanging out with because he allows me to forget all my problems and I am afraid that my mom will not let me see him no more because we arguing. Imagine being in stuck in a home where all the connections are toxic. All I ever wanted was a relationship with my mom but she makes it so hard to talk to her. what should I do?

Help Yourself:

  • It is hard to ask for help sometimes. Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral and sharing your story with us.
  • You spoke about not only the relationship with your mom, but also the relationship with a boy. Look on the TeenCentral site under the “LEARN” tab there is a section called “Relationships”. This section includes many resources such as “8 Signs of Healthy Relationships” and “8 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships” that may be helpful.
  • While you mentioned wanting to have a connection with your mom, you also talked about it being hard to talk to her at times. It may be difficult to connect with you mom sometimes, despite wanting her guidance and approval. Do you have someone else you can talk to? Maybe a sibling, friend, or family member? If so, take some time to chat with them about how you are feeling. It might be a relief to get some of that off your chest.

Consider This:

  • It can feel frustrating to feel unconnected to your mom or that your relationship with your mom seems to be full arguments and disagreements. It can also be worrisome that your mom may not let you see the boy you have a relationship with. Have you tried to express these feeling face-to-face with your mom? It may help to journal/write down your thoughts and feelings. What are you looking for from your mom? What does she add/bring to your life? How can you both help make the relationship better? Writing these answers down can assist you when having a face-to-face discussion.
  • It is important to have outlets to let your feelings out in healthy ways. How can you help yourself with stress and anxiety? What activities can you do inside and outside of the house? Are there any activities that you can do with your Mom? This could aid in building a healthy relationship.