Just One More

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“Just one more piece” it’s a lie everytime. You grab one chocolate, it turns into the whole bowl. Ever felt like that? That’s what someone with an eating disorder feels all the time. Once the urge comes it doesn’t go for a long time. It’s just there. Nothing to do about it, you have to deal with it.

Help Yourself:

  • Thank you for reaching out to us here at TeenCentral! We certainly understand how you can feel overwhelmed with these urges. Living with an eating disorder can be very daunting and maybe at times you feel as if you should surrender. By having the courage to reach out to us, you were able to show you have the strength to work through.
  • TeenCentral has a lot of information about eating disorders. Simply navigate from the home page to the Learn tab. You will find very insightful posts about Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness. If you click here you will find information about the benefits of nutrition or here to learn more and fitness and how it affect or mind and body.
  • Have you ever openly spoken about this to you parents, close friends or family? Have you ever sought out or received care for this? If not, you have plenty of options. Perhaps start by talking with your parents/guardians. Your doctor is always a great option and will be able to help get you on your best path.

Consider these options:

  • Journaling is always a great option. TeenCentral has many journaling suggestions and activities that can help get you started. You could even journal about what you eat and the effects it has on you have to help track your progress. This can prove to be quite helpful for your doctor as well.
  • Physical activities such as exercise and sports not only help with the physical body, but can also be helpful with those overwhelming urges. You can start with daily walks or stretching.
  • You can always learn a new hobby such as coloring, painting, and drawing. Crocheting and knitting have a rhythm that can help occupy your mind and requires a lot of focus, maybe just the distraction you need.