Last Month I Came Out As A Trump Supporter

By March 29, 2018No Comments

Last month I came out as a Trump supporter.   I was bullied and called a rascist because I go to a mostly black school.  I am 14 and I love politics.  It is just alot of stess being hated for my beliefs.


  • It is great that you reached out for advice.  The political climate is particularly passionate right now and it can be difficult to find and figure out your voice.  Often people are quick to bully others for their views from all political directions.
  • Consider reaching out to a parent or teacher at school and discuss being bullied.
  • Perhaps you can talk to your government or history teacher at school. Ask them how you can help or where you can get involved with young adults that share a similar mindset.
  • Also, consider researching politics and history online or at your school library.  It may help you to and find out why the kids at your school feel so passionately about their feelings as well.  There is much history involved with a lot of the current political fire.
  • You may want to consider why you feel so strongly about your political feelings?
  • Also, considering your love of politics, perhaps research ways you can get involved in your community or have an adult help.  There are many campaigns that would love volunteer support from a politically passionate teen.


  • How could you express your political views in a climate that may be more friendly than school?  How would you feel having peers that agree with you about politics?  Perhaps school is not the best platform to talk about Trump.
  • How would being involved in politics help you to have an outlet to express your political views?
  • Think about the teacher or school adult to reach out to (most likely there is a way you can get involved in politics at school). How would the conversation go?