My mom found a letter I wrote to my friend.  I’m scared she’s going bring it to the counselor because the counselor doesn’t like me.


  • It is hard to express yourself openly if you feel like your feelings won’t be considered. It can sort of feel like an invasion.
  • Maybe you can talk with your mom honestly about the letter that you wrote and why you wrote it.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable you might want to contact another counselor or another trusted adult about the letter.
  • Maybe you can talk with your counselor about your feelings about not liking you. If the counselor is unwilling to listen maybe you can find another counselor that fits your needs better.


  • What would happen if you honestly talked with your mom about the letter your wrote? Also what would happen if you talked about respect and trust concerning your things as well as hers?
  • Why do you feel that your counselor doesn’t like you?
  • What could happen if you talked with another counselor or trusted adult about the situation and what positive steps you could take next?
  • What if you talked with your counselor about your feelings of them not liking you what could you do take make the relationship more positive? What would happen if you looked for another counselor that fit your needs better?