Living With Bipolar

Living With Bipolar

I’m fourteen years old and I have bipolar disorder. I also have severe depression and anxiety. My mom has tried to help, but she doesn’t understand. I’ve been bullied. Everything in my life seems to be falling apart. My parents are getting divorced, I’m moving, my bipolar is getting worse, and I feel like I have no one. My mom doesn’t know how to help me anymore and it’s driving me crazy. She keeps saying the wrong things. My mental thoughts are starting to get worse. I just want somebody to understand what I’m going through.


  • Having mental and emotional issues can make you feel frustrated and alone. You are strong for surviving this despite being misunderstood and having no one to help you through this trying time.
  • One step you can take is to get educated about bipolar disorder, severe depression and anxiety. Knowledge is power. Do research on your own and/or head to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab to learn more about one of your issues.
  • If you need someone to talk to, you can call one of the hotlines on the Teen Central website under the Help tab.
  • Another option is to talk to a trusted therapist. He/she will likely be able to help you calm your emotions and mind down so you can live a more peaceful, happy life.
  • Tips to calm down include meditation, yoga, prayer or breathing exercises. Learn more about spirituality on the Teen Central website by clicking the Learn tab then Spirituality.
  • Exercising your mind might help you improve focus and concentration to get your mental thoughts in order. Do Sudoku, chess or read a book.


  • What other ways can you think of to distract yourself from your uncomfortable thoughts?
  • In what ways would committing to being positive each day benefit you?
  • How else can you ensure that you overcome your severe issues so you can have a better future?
  • Is there a trusted friend, adult or counselor you can speak to about your concerns?