Living Without a Father

Living Without a Father

It is hard not having a father figure in my life, but I have an amazing mom. It is hard sometimes because all of my friends have fathers and sometimes I wish I had one. My father and mother did not have a serious relationship and he did not want to be involved in my life. I am happy that he knew that he was not going to be a good father because at least he is not disappointing me. However, it makes me wonder why he would not want to be involved at all in his own child’s life.


  • It sounds like you have a wonderful mother and that is great! It is okay to have questions about your father and his role in your life. Rest assured there are many other teens that can relate to your situation.
  • You can always look into TeenCentral resources for more support if you are comfortable doing so. In addition, you may want to do a web search of any resources/support groups available to teens with absent fathers.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to share your deepest feelings about a situation such as this with someone who’s been through what you’re going through. Speaking to an older teen who’s walked in your shoes may be a great source of support for you.
  • Ultimately your father will have to deal with this decision he’s made. Time tends to heal and change people. Perhaps, with time, your father may have a change of heart.


  • How do you feel about looking into therapy group for kids of single parent households?
  • What are some healthy ways to discuss this with your support system? At this time, who comprises your support system?
  • How do you feel about seeking out a male “mentor” who can serve as a positive role model for you?
  • How might talking to an older teen who has been in your situation prove to be helpful?