My Aunt Has Covid-19

By May 1, 2020No Comments

HEY everyone I am 16 I am a male and I wanna tell you about my story and its about Covid-19. I don’t have it thank God and I wouldn’t wish it on no one but I was sitting at home yesterday talking to my uncle and my mom told me my aunt had it. Its so heartbreaking cause it ain’t no cure but God I hope she be okay and God bless the people who got it and don’t have it sometimes you gotta put it in His hands and let Him take control Amen.


  • Knowing a family member has Covid-19 can make you feel worried and sad. You are brave for facing the fact that someone close to you has an illness. Thank you for reaching out to us here at Teen Central to share your story!
  • If you do ever feel that this worry is becoming overwhelming, consider visiting our HELP tab on the Teen Central website. Here you’ll find text lines, and phone numbers for supportive professionals who you are able to speak to at any hour.
  • When we worry about others, sometimes our own needs are put on the back burner. Do one thing every single day to take care of your emotional self to ensure that you aren’t letting your concern for your aunt get the best of you. It can be something physical like yoga, walking meditation, or an online exercise class, or something more introspective like a daily bible study, journaling, listening to music or making artwork.


  • In what ways can being positive help yourself and others endure tough times? How are you able to share this positivity with others?
  • Why is it important to stay hopeful for the future, especially when someone you love is in need? Where do you personally draw your hope from?
  • Can you think of a few ways you can help your aunt remain positive and hopeful from a distance? Some examples may be sending her flowers, writing her a letter, having a video call, or praying together.