My Crush

My Crush

I have been crushing on this guy at my university for 2 months now. A few weeks ago I texted him and we became friends. It started off well and we started talking on the telephone. One day he told me about a girl that he likes. I got really jealous and insulted him. In addition I said extremely harsh things to him.  I know it was wrong of me to say mean things to him. All of this happened 10 days ago and our friendship has greatly deteriorated. He has stopped calling me, and it is only me who initiates the contact. He met me for 5 minutes at school a few days ago. When we met he was blushing and smiling. However, the next day he ignored me and didn’t even reply to my texts. In the past we used to talk on the phone for hours. Now we only talk for a few minutes, and he tries to make me jealous by talking about pretty girls. Usually the girls he likes are extremely skinny and I am on the chubby side. I keep thinking that maybe he just doesn’t find me attractive. I am not sure what to do. I have a big crush on him, and I do not want to lose him. I wanted to call him yesterday even though I saw he was online for the past several days. I hope he is not talking to another girl. What should I do? Should I call him or just let him go?


  • You are very brave to come here and share your feelings.  Relationship can be hard to manage and finding advice is important.
  • Consider telling your crush how you feel.  It sounds like maybe you both are not on the same page about having a romantic relationship.  He might value your friendship and may be telling you this by talking about others girls instead of coming right out and saying it.  You might want to ask him if he could ever see you and him dating.  From that answer, you will then need to decide if it will be too difficult to see him dating others, or if you will still be able to be a friend to him.
  • Sometimes things work out for a reason.  If this is not the guy, someone else will come along in time.  You deserve someone that will call you and wants to talk.


  • What would happen if you told him how you feel about him?
  • What do you like about him?
  • If he does not feel the same would you want to be friends?
  • Is there any other guys you are interested in?
  • If he doesn’t feel the same would be you ok to move on and find someone else?
  • Don’t you feel that you deserve someone who will call you up and want to talk all the time?