My Date Where I Am Done

By December 27, 2021No Comments


Do I have to explain this date? It’s an easy date to think about and remember important things on that day (me stopping a new Hitler/killing myself). It’s my date where I’m done. Yep. I hope I don’t survive this day. They always said “taking a second pill (my thyroid meds) is bad” well, I FREAKING HOPE YOU MEAN WHAT I THINK YOU MEAN. I’m so done with being a huge brat and doing literally everything wrong. I’m only killing a future Hitler on that date. It’s me. I’m convinced if I don’t commit suicide I will become one of the worst people known to mankind.


  • Thank you so much for reaching out for help to TeenCentral while you’re feeling this way. To be thinking of yourself in this way must be such a lonely place. By writing to our community you’ve taken the first step to reduce your isolation.
  • We would like you to pick up your phone right now and text “HELLO” to 741741. Start a conversation with the Crisis Textline. The people who operate that line will be able to help you in the here and now. They will be able to have an immediate back and forth conversation with you.
  • If you are feeling extremely brave call 911 right now – or go to the nearest Emergency Room and tell them you are planning to end your life. The people there will be able to help you. You are worth getting the help you need.
  • Talk to someone. Tell someone. ANYONE. Right Now.


  • After you’ve gotten help and the immediate crisis has settled down we encourage you to revisit TeenCentral. There are many resources here for ongoing mental health and wellness. But honestly right now the most important thing is your life. We want you to choose to live. You mean something to the world. Even if right now you feel this badly about yourself and what you might become, that can change. LIVE.