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hello, im 10 years old and my dog oreo is my best friend, and i love her. But i have a problem. My dad keeps hitting her. not even an hour ago, i was petting my dog like always. all of a sudden she started barking. We live on a rented apartment, so barking is bad for our “DO NOT DISTURB” neighbors..I told her to stop, and she eventually stopped. my baby brother comes and starts crying (i donnot know why) my dog looks at him and starts barking. my dad then screams “SHUT THAT B* UP!” then started running towards my room…I had a feeling that he was going to grab her by the neck an throw her on the floor..this was because i had a dream a month ago about my dad grabbing my dog by her neck and throwing her on the ground hard…i was very aware, once he got in my room i quickly put my hand above my dog’s body. And of course, he hit my arm. then he looked back and grabbed my dog by her neck…I screamed “DAD PLEASE STOP” and then my mom came running…my dad acted like nothing happened.. Should I call 911 or go to a fire station?


  • Oreo is such a cute name for a dog! You are brave to share your story and to reach out for help. Thank you for sharing your story with us at TeenCentral.
  • You asked if you should call 911 or go to the fire station. There are things you can do to help your dog. You can search for the local humane society or SPCA or other animal protection agency in your area by typing in “report pet abuse (your county/city and your state)”. Many animal protection agencies have a way for you to report abuse online (sometimes anonymously) or a number you can call. Also, it is ok to call the police and ask for help, too. Another option is to text HELLO to 741 741 and ask for help.
  • Who can you trust to talk to? This may be a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. Keeping your thoughts and feelings inside may cause them to become overwhelming and can add to your stress and anxiety. By talking to someone, you may feel better. This person can give you advice and support you as well.


  • It is scary to witness someone hurting someone you love. Try talking to your dad and let him know how upset it makes you. Maybe you could try to talking to your family about possible training for your dog. Teaching your dog positive behaviors may help eliminate behaviors that cause your dad to become frustrated.
  • Relaxation is important to people and pets. Click Here for some helpful tools on relaxation. It is important to take care of yourself, especially during times of fear or stress. How can you also help your dog relax? Can you take Oreo for some walks or give Oreo extra playtime, pets, or snuggles? Helping Oreo feel calmer and more relaxed may help her behaviors as well.