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My Dreams

By June 29, 2017No Comments

I REALLY want to be a soccer player but I just know how I am going to be one. I mean people say I am really great, it’s just that other people who also want be a soccer player usually do a club team and do a lot of soccer camps to be really good. I don’t know how I am going to compete against them. I mean, I can and I think I am almost as good as them, but I can’t be in a club team or soccer camps, because my dad doesn’t have time. My mom lives in a different country so she can’t do anything. My brother doesn’t even believe in me and it hurts. He thinks it doesn’t but it does. I think play soccer while holding on to the hope that my heart created. But lately, My life’s been so hard on me and I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Please help me…


  • It sounds like you are committed and motivated to make your dream work and that’s a great thing!
  • Since  this is truly important to you, consider talking to your dad about your feelings. Maybe if he has a better understanding of how much you want this, he would be willing to help you participate in a soccer camp.
  • It sounds like you are seeking some encouragement from your brother, he may not understand how much you want to play soccer- consider talking to him about your feelings and ask him for his support.
  • Even thought you might not be able to attend a camp, you can still work hard to make progress. Consider checking online for videos on soccer drills that you can practice by yourself, with your brother or with friends. Remember that sometimes the best players aren’t the ones with the best resources, but the ones who have the most motivation to be successful! Don’t give up!


  • How might things change if you expressed your sincere desire to attend a soccer camp to your dad?
  • What might change in your relationship with your brother if you explained your feelings to him and asked him for his support?
  • What are some people or places in your local community where you can practice your skills if you can’t get to a camp?
  • What are some positive thoughts you can keep in mind to stay on track for success?