My Friend is Mad at Me

By March 23, 2020No Comments

My friend is really mad at me. I think it’s because I opened up to her about a guy that we both like. she is really frustrated that I didn’t tell her before I asked for advice, or before I told my other friend. So anyway I told her that I wasn’t really sure about my feelings anyway and she got really mad. so I tried to tell her to take some “me time” and she blocked me! I’m really worried that I’m a bad friend.  I’ve always felt like I caused problems, but this feels about 10 times worse! What should I do now?


  • It’s really tough to handle the sense that a friend is upset with something you said or did. Sometimes even when we mean well – even when we do the right thing – others can become upset. So, thank you for writing to TeenCentral about this and sharing your thoughts.
  • Friendships are extremely important to all of us. If the loss of a friendship (even if it’s just a temporary loss) ever becomes too much to handle and you find yourself feeling really unsafe at any point, please reach out to an immediate response hotline or website like the Crisis Textline, which is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with people who can interact with you immediately. Just Text “HELLO” to 741741 to start a conversation.
  • There’s also no substitute for talking in person to someone you trust. If you’re feeling really upset please consider connecting with a trusted adult who can help you sort out the details of the story and make a plan for next steps.


  • Right now everyone’s anxieties are running higher than normal because of things going on in the world. You might also want to consider some strategies for reducing anxiety that can be found on the TeenCentral site. Click on the “LEARN” tab and “TOOLS” tab to find information about anxiety and how to manage it. By far, the most important, IMHO, are techniques for deep breathing. When you are getting really good, deep breaths it makes it much easier to think more clearly and helps you manage your stressful emotions. I highly recommend this. It’s harder than you think, and practicing really helps.
  • I also recommend taking a break from thinking about the problem for a little while. Sometimes we can over-think things to the point where our emotions become increasingly intense and hard to manage. Take a break to clear your head. Watch a fun movie or read a book. Go outside and take a walk if you are able. Play a game with family members if that’s an option. Come back to the problem later and see if you have a better perspective on it.