My Grandmother

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November 22nd, a female (name removed) was talking horribly about my grandmother i asked her about it and she denied it, then my friends sent me photos of her and another female talking about my grandmother. I didn’t want too just up and fight her so i told her to give me her password and she did so i logged in and saw it. Once i saw it i fought her.


  • Thank you for trusting Teen Central with your story, I can tell that your grandmother is a very important person to you.
  • Mindfulness or relaxation activities may be able to calm your mind, ease this thought process, and better equip you to release these negative feelings you have. Check out our tabs above for some simple resources.
  • While many are stuck inside right now it is normal for us to ruminate and consider past decisions and issues because there quite simply isn’t a lot to do. We recently published a blog post with a list of creative things to do during this time of isolation. Some of these may be useful in getting your mind into more positive and productive spaces.


  • This has been weighing on you for quite a while! Take a moment and consider the root of this feeling, and why it may be sitting with you almost 6 months later. Do you find yourself easily frustrated? How do you typically manage this frustration? What positive physical activities can you do (other than fighting) to release this physical energy?
  • It seems like you have a very strong reaction to hearing about someone speaking negatively about your grandmother. I can tell that you care deeply about her. Have you told her this lately? Are you able to take some time and speak with her about this situation? Perhaps she has some useful advice for you.
  • Your reaction to fight the peer who was speaking negatively could yield some dangerous, and possibly legal consequences. Who are you able to call or text in the moment if you are ever feeling this heightened? Make a list, keep it in your phone, or on a slip of paper in your pocket, so you always have those people with you.