My high school friend doesn’t like me

My high school friend doesn’t like me

In high school I was friends with two girls who were very smart, pretty, and cool. I transferred to my high school mid sophomore year so I didn’t know them for a long time. I also skipped 3 grades so we’re not the same age. I’m black and kinda poor and they’re white and one is pretty wealthy though the other one is less so, but despite our differences we still got along well. Anyways, we went through 4 years of undergrad apart and I talked to them a bit my freshman year, but not since then, but one of them committed to our local law school for the fall and made an Instagram post about it. (The other one is on the Facebook group and I suspect is going as well.) I put a congratulations comment under it and she liked it. A week after I applied there. A couple weeks later I was accepted with a 3/4ths tuition scholarship and considering how close it was to home and since I got waistlisted everywhere else I knew I wanted to go. I joined the Facebook group and commented under her post “I can’t wait to go to law school with you in the fall.” The next day I noticed she wasn’t in the Facebook group, and wondered if she wasn’t going then I couldn’t find her Facebook and I thought she deleted it and upon checking her Instagram I thought she deleted it as well. It wasn’t until I checked Twitter that I realized I was blocked then I checked her accounts on another friends phone and she literally blocked me from every social media upon hearing that I was going to law school with her. Its weird since I had taken the LSAT and been working on essays for months. Does she think she’s the only reason I want to go? My friends were always super vocal about wanting to be attorneys. I never mentioned it, but I always wanted to be one. That was kind of why I hung out with them. Did she just always not like me? Ive always been really bad at telling. I think alot of people didn’t like me, but I was always kinda popular and cute because of my age and I feel like it made no one really want to tell me. Also since the one hasn’t blocked me on social media can I assume we’ll be friendly at least? I have a decent but not great GPA of a 3.5 and didn’t do very on the LSAT and I’m incredibly nervous that I’m not going to do well in law school, but even more so that it’ll be because I don’t have any friends. Freshman year of undergrad was very emotionally and academically strsssful because I don’t think anyone liked me and sometimes I’m a bit immature and its really hard for me to not be that way. I’m also just really insecure in general. I feel like it’s much better than in high school, but still not so much. I guess I just want general advice on how to not make people hate me and what to do about my old friends particularly the one that just blocked me.


  • Friendships can be difficult to hold over the years especially when you are apart from one another for so long. It is sad to see the friendships you once cherished so much vanish so quickly.  Use this experience to develop stronger relationships in the future.  Find the time to connect with others, stay in touch, and share experiences. 
  • Things change and we all change drastically over the years. It is apart of the growth process in life.  Don’t let someone deleting you from social media affect your attitude about law school.  It sounds like you have accomplished a lot and should be very proud and excited for this next chapter of your life.  
  • Going  to a new school can be hard but think about it as a positive new change. Meeting new people and discovering new likes and dislikes are apart of it. Consider joining an intramural sport and just being more active as a student on campus and it’ll be a great way for you to meet new people!  Even though you might know a few of the students already, you will have an awesome opportunity to meet even more people.  You can always be nice and say hi in passing to this person in the future if you see them at school.
  • Do not allow yourself to fall back because someone you once cared so much about isn’t on your life anymore. The chances of you to reconnecting are endless. You both are going to the same school and maybe you both can talk about it someday but don’t hold yourself to that. Maybe it’s best things are set out that way between you two. Continue to flourish and focus on your academics!


  • In what way have you reached out to both of your friends directly to see where they stand today?
  • How can you learn from this experience about friendships?
  • What are you excited most about in this new journey of law school?