My Mom

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My mom hit me and she’s crazy.  She says “I’m going to kill you” and “I’m mad”. She tried choking me one time.


Help Yourself

  • It must be very scary to be so worried about your safety, especially from someone so important to you.  We’re glad you felt you could reach out to Teen Central for help!
  • Please know that you can always call the police 9-1-1 for a quick response to anything that is threatening your safety.
  • You are not alone! Do you have someone that you trust in your life that you can talk to about this?   There are always people out there who are willing to help.  A teacher, counselor, pastor, coach- these are all possible people you may consider reaching out to for help and support.
  • The following hotlines are also available anytime you need them:

Child Help USA National Hotline
Available 24/7, over 170 languages
Helps youth who are suffering child abuse

1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Crisis Textline
Available 24/7
Support to all individuals in crisis

Text “HELLO” to 741741


Consider This

  • Teen Central has many resources that you may want to look through if you haven’t already. We have a “TOOLS” tab with various resources to help you with anything from depression and a LEARN section with information about a variety of things like anxiety.   We also have a “WHAT’S NEW” tab with blogs on ways to get help for this very type of situation.
  • Most important is finding somewhere safe you can go if you feel like you are unsafe and you can get help. Take a look at who you have around you.  Is there anyone in your life that you can trust to help you find the help you’re looking for? Where can you go to be safe if things get too heated with your mom? When things are calm, write these things down in a support plan so you have them when you need them.
  • Have you tried finding things to do outside of your home that will keep you busy? With things starting to open back up and summer coming, you may want to consider finding groups/ activities that will provide something to focus on outside your home for awhile.  Are you old enough to get a job?  Have you thought about volunteering somewhere?