My Parents Abuse Me and My Dog

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My family (mom and dad) is abusive towards me and my dog … they don’t talk to me, they shout and all they do is lock my dog up in the smallest room and beat him up … I want someone to take my dog, not to the shelter but a home. At the same time, I just want to run a away with my dog because I know no one will know how to look after him.


  • Being stuck with abusive parents can make you feel frustrated and alone. You are strong for enduring your struggles alone even though you’re worried about your dog too.
  • If you need someone to talk to, you can head to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab to call a hotline. You may also click the Learn, Stories or Tools tabs for more resources. Some people who you may want to speak to are a trusted therapist, school counsellor or religious leader.
  • Since you live with your parents, they have control over you. This means you need to be more independent and responsible by gaining control over your own life. This will help you have more power to protect your dog and get away from your abusive situation sooner. You can start by finding a part-time job online or in your area.
  • Parents who abuse children and animals are criminals. Those who harm animals are more likely to abuse humans. If necessary, you may want or need to call 911 to keep you and your pet safe.
  • You can write down ideas on how to deal with the problem by brainstorming. For example, you can get away by taking your dog for walks to the park, down the street or somewhere else near you. Visit a relative’s or friend’s house where you can stay away for a while. You can get a driver’s license and bring your dog with you.
  • You may also brainstorm ideas on how to protect your dog when your parents come around. For example, before they can lock him in a room try to be proactive and manage your dog. You can also hug your dog to try keeping him safe. If there’s a certain time of day your parents tend to abuse your pet, you can bring your dog in your room with you and shut the door.
  • Animal cruelty is dangerous, could lead to death of your pet and may only become worse with time. You can read this article from called Report animal cruelty for information on who to call when animals are being abused.
  • It’s important to speak to your parents without fighting, but don’t let them intimidate you either. You may try explaining to them that you love your dog and it’s wrong for anyone to hurt him.
  • Your parents may be unhappily married and choose to take out their anger on you and your dog. This is in no way acceptable but knowledge is power.
  • You can get your dog away from the house by enrolling him in training classes or volunteer him to be a therapy animal. You may even be able to train him yourself by watching videos or reading online tutorials. Consider training him to defend himself and you from predators like your parents. You have the right to protect yourself and your pet from abusers no matter who they may be.
  • You may even pay someone you trust, such as a relative or good friend, to walk your dog or keep him at their house sometimes.
  • If you can’t change your own situation, it may be satisfying to change someone else’s for the better by volunteering. You can find opportunities online or in your area by visiting websites such as Some ways to volunteer include writing blog articles, bringing your dog on a charity run or helping him become a therapy animal.
  • Spirituality can help you have something to believe in when times get tough, feel a sense of safety, have peace of mind and stay calm, and live a more meaningful life. Prayer, meditation and yoga are beneficial to your health and spirit. You may also attend church services.
  • You can be positive by repeating positive affirmations to yourself when you feel negative. Read inspiring quotes or write down a few things you’re grateful for each day. Find something positive to laugh at like cartoons, comics or a humorous movie.
  • Creativity can help you express your feelings in a positive way and just be yourself. Creative activities include drawing, creative writing, painting, listening to music or playing a musical instrument among others.
  • You can find ways to improve your situation by letting it make you a stronger person and by continuing to persevere through the tough challenges life throws at you. Read internet articles or books about people who’ve beat their struggles to become stronger individuals.
  • Finally, make sure an adult is aware of the situation and consult with them about a plan.  It might be helpful to have fresh eyes to view the situation and an adult perspective to gain some support.


  • In what ways can maintaining a positive mindset help you deal with your problems and have a better future?
  • What can you learn from enduring such a cruel situation?
  • In what ways can you turn your negative situation into a positive one?
  • In what ways can you be grateful for being a more ethical person than your parents? How does this mindset help you live a better life full of empathy towards animals?
  • How can making a commitment towards a better future for yourself and your pet (by getting a part-time job, achieving your goals, getting good grades in school, etc.) turn your lives around?