My Sexuality Has Been Haunting Me

By March 28, 2018No Comments

Hi, my sexuality has been haunting me for the past months. It is a whole lot of pressure when you (WANT) to tell your parents the you are (gay,bisexual,lesbian,trans) and others. About a couple months ago I had the courage to tell my mother but things did not go according to plan. My father came in and I had to tell him! Well, he took it better then my mother. He said he supported me in any way.
So please have the courage to tell your parents. It might not go as you planned but little by little that stress will soon go away! Be who you want to be! Take PRIDE!


  • It is awesome that you had the courage to share this story with others.  Your great story will surely help many others in a similar situation!
  • Consider reaching out to your school counselor or seek out a group at school that you may be of help to.  Your courage is sure to be an inspiration.
  • Consider thinking back to what encouraged you to make the decision to tell your parents and perhaps use that to help.  You should be proud of how brave you were and sharing with others will certainly benefit many.
  • Consider checking out the TeenCentral LGBTQ: Respect section and share your story there as well.


  • How has your relationship with your father changed since you told him?  Can his positive attitude help your mom to understand a bit better?
  • How has your relationship with your mom changed as well?  How can you help her better understand your feelings?
  • How would the conversation go coming out to friends?  Consider playing it out in your head.