Need Support

Need Support

I hate my life. Everyone left me and they all gave up on me.  They all lost hope about me. I don’t have any real friends that stayed by my side except two.  I showed my parents the bad in me, and I showed them I wasn’t strong.  I showed everyone I wasn’t strong. I have low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. I just want to do online school and live an amazing life.  People always judge me.  They always give me dirty looks.  I wish I didn’t care what people said about me.


  • Sometimes people get depressed, perhaps due to lack of support or criticism from others.  This can cause a person to wonder whether there is anyone out there that cares about them.  When you feel yourself overwhelmed by feelings of depression and anxiety please try to remember that you are a strong, capable and unique person.  Consider talking to your parents about how you are feeling to let them know that you do not feel supported.  If you do not want to talk to your parents, please try to find someone else to talk to.  Having a person to listen to you may help you to feel better.  Sharing your story on is a great way to get feedback from other teens who are having similar problems.
  • Lack of self esteem is a problem that many teens and adults struggle with. Learning to be proud of yourself can take some time.  Some people find that focusing on what they like about themselves can help.  Others find that setting achievable goals, and then working to meet these goals will boost their self-esteem.  You might decide to learn a new skill, volunteer, or finish a task that you have put off.  When you focus on what you have accomplished, instead of what you don’t like about yourself, you will remember how special you are.
  • Sometimes depression can become overwhelming.  If you ever feel overwhelmed by your feelings of depression, please find someone to talk to about it.  Some people find that a trained professional, such as a counselor, nurse, or psychiatrist, can help them to control their depression.  Consider talking to your parents about getting some help if you feel that you are having trouble coping.
  • Some teens find that doing certain activities can help to relieve anxiety and depression.  Consider what activities you might do to improve your mood.  For some teens, writing down their feelings helps.  For others, exercise, volunteering, cooking, listening to music, or watching TV can help them to feel better. The next time you feel down, please consider doing something you enjoy to help yourself feel better.


  • Who are some people you can talk to about getting some help with your anxiety and depression?
  • If you made a list of things that you like about yourself, what would be on the list?
  • What are some short-term goals that you can set for yourself?
  • What activities can you do to try to make yourself a little happier?