No More Fight Left

No More Fight Left

My anxiety worsened back in May, after two really bad episodes of all day panic attacks triggered by caffeine. It has continued to get worse, but finding a therapist has been difficult. I see one in two weeks. But, at this point, my anxiety is making it difficult for me to accomplish anything.  I don’t know how I can make it 2 more weeks. It also makes me depressed. I don’t even have anything to be stressed about, but I feel like my world is ending. On the days that my anxiety is minimal, I often have terrible migraines from my chronic neck/jaw pain, which makes it impossible for me to do anything but lay in bed and try to sleep through the pain. The migraines have been occurring almost every week for 2 years now, and everything I’ve tried to help it hasn’t worked. I had braces for 2 years (to correct my underbite, which supposedly caused my migraines), but the braces only made the pain worse and didn’t even help. I started going to a chiropractor today, but it’s too soon to see if it’s helped the pain.

I’ve just been fighting for so long, and I just don’t know how to keep going anymore.


  • Anxiety and depression are tough to deal with, and so your feelings are completely understandable.It is great that you are taking steps toward healing, I.e. the chiropractic doctor. Results will take time but it will be worth it when your pain is addressed.
  • What is also commendable of you is that you have taken the time to find a therapist. During your two week wait, try to occupy your time with doing things you are interested in, such as exercising more, reading books, or even volunteering. This may help you get your mind off of your anxiety and depression.
  • Talk to a good friend or a trusted adult about your feelings. This will help to relieve your stress to some degree, and may help you cope until you see a therapist in two weeks. 
  • Be encouraged. Everything in life worth achieving takes work and great effort. You can keep going by thinking about your end goal, which is to be healthy and well. Think about all the great things you want to achieve and all the lives you want to touch. Focus on living and being your best self so you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Picture yourself as strong, healthy, well and awesome. All of these should encourage you to keep pushing when times get tough.


  • Who is the trusted adult you can speak with about how you feel?
  • What are some activities you enjoy most?
  • What triggers your anxiety and depression?
  • What are some of the things you can do to start to feel better physically?