Nobody likes me

By December 12, 2017No Comments

My parents hate me. My mom constantly comments on my hair (it’s naturally curly) ,my acne, music taste, clothes, friends, grades, and art. We get into huge fights, and when I came out as bisexual my mom flipped, and screamed at me for about an hour, then grounded me for like three months. My dad had a stroke about 3 years ago and he doesn’t even care anymore.

Also, people make me sick. I see people, even my friends, and I just… feel nausea? I don’t know why. They’re great people, and I love them, but now… I don’t know.


  • Fighting with your parents can be very difficult. You are an incredibly strong person for going through what you are. You are a beautiful person, and deserve to be treated as such.
  • Perhaps you could sit down with your mom and a neutral third party and talk about the concerns you have. Let her know how her actions make you feel.
  • If you feel as though a conversation with her won’t work, try writing her a letter stating how you feel. You could even try writing one to your father as well.
  • You shouldn’t feel ashamed to need alone time from your friends. It’s normal to need a break from even the people that you love.
  • Perhaps you could find a trusted adult (teacher, guidance counselor, etc.) and confide in them. Sometimes just talking to someone can make you feel better.


  • How would a conversation go with your mom if you sat down with her?
  • Would you feel better to talk about everything with a trusted adult?
  • What are some activities you can do to just take some time for yourself?