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By March 2, 2022No Comments

everything is just so unexplainable idk how to describe it (basically im depressed)



  • This sounds like an extremely difficult and confusing time for you, thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral, the first step is complete!
  • Sometimes, when people feel sad or depressed, they struggle with asking for help and even finding the words to express how and what they are feeling. Have you ever considered speaking with a therapist or counselor of some type? It could be as simple as seeking out a school counselor or even talking to your doctor. Your doctor would be able to make professional recommendations for you.
  • As yourself, “What is it (or is there anything) that is making me feel this way?” Once you have that answer you could start your journey to make that situation better for yourself. Share this with your therapist/counselor if you choose to seek one out.
  • What about and family or friends? Do you have any close family or friends such as older aunts, uncles, cousins, or siblings that you feel comfortable with and trust that you could talk to about what you are feeling?


  • On our homepage we have many resources to help you through this journey. If you take time and navigate to our Stories tab, you will be able to read stories and responses from others that are experiencing similar feelings and even situations. Each story and response are unique and may help you feeling a bit more connected to who you are and your own individual experiences.
  • Also from our homepage, if you navigate to “What’s New,” you will find blog entries that our counselors write and post for viewers. At times I find myself reading these because the information and knowledge is so helpful for many people.
  • If you hover over the Learn tab you will find information and resources pertain to many different topics such as Anxiety, Depression, and overall Wellness that breaks down to several more specific topics. Click on the Tools tab and you will find different worksheets and guides for Self Positive Talk, and Daily Positive Reminder, because when times are tough, its easy to forget all the good. There are many other topics pertaining to exercise and meditation as well that I find to be extremely helpful.
  • What do you do with your down time? I find myself getting into trouble in my head if I do not busy myself with hobbies and projects to fill some of my time. There are many different hobbies you can do at home from arts and crafts to drawing, coloring, painting, and journaling. Journaling is a fantastic way to just free write and see what comes out and on to the paper. Many tend to enjoy more tedious hobbies that busy the hands and the mind such as smaller wood working projects. You can make small jewelry boxes, frames, cutting boards, a photo to wood transfer, or my personal favorite…building a bird house. Bird houses are great because the possibilities are endless. Consider starting a new hobby and project.