Obnoxious Dorm Roommates

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This is my first year in college and I got a dorm room next to these girls who are upper classmen, and one of them was an RA last year according to my friends. We have a connecting dorm room which I knew was going to be a problem. They speak really loud and scream often throughout the day. As a result, I am unable to sleep well at night. They watch TV at a very high volume as well. I also heard one of them having sex last night. I am really upset by this but do not want to confront them myself. I also can’t tell the RA because since one of the girls was an RA, so they’re friends with each other. I also feel like the residence life officials will tell me to get over it instead of taking me seriously. What should I do?



  • It was a great idea to reach out to us, opening up about issues with fellow colleagues can be quite difficult as you don’t want to be neglected by them. The good news is, that there are ways to respectfully speak to fellow colleagues and resolve the matter.
  • Consider planning ways in which you engage with the loud colleagues in the adjacent dorm and how you can respectfully notify them of their disturbance. Develop a professional but resolute method in discussing the annoyance with your colleagues and why your feelings are justified and should be respected.
  • College officials have a duty to their students to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment. Consider reaching out to the building manager or administration in your college/university notifying them of the situation to help alleviate the disturbance.
  • Standing up for yourself is important.  You are an important young professional and thus your colleagues should have respect for your environment.  Thus it is important to be assertive and resolute on things that are negatively impacting your life. Getting rid of these road blocks will help you proliferate into a strong professional individual.



  • What do you think is preventing you from confronting the girls on your own and notifying them of the issue?
  • What are some of the benefits you would have in your life by taking this issue and resolving it through negotiation or report to higher officials?
  • What would be the effects of reaching out to your RA and notifying her of the disturbance that is being caused by the girls in the dorm?
  • Who would be the person to contact if you were unable to resolve this issue through talking with the girls or speaking to the RA?