One Day

By April 22, 2021No Comments

so one day

I came to my house

then i see my dog

with the fish in the bed

then the wall came off the wall.

It was so nice I joined them

then my dog came

he was sad cuz his bird did not

took his seeds


  • Welcome to TeenCentral and thank you for sharing your writing with us, which kind of seems like a poem. That’s why we wrote it here the way we did. We hope you don’t mind. So many of our writers see the world in many ways and that’s completely fine with us!
  • Your poem seems to speak about different types of creatures (or people) meeting up together and there being various reactions to these meetings. Sounds a lot like life to us. In fact TeenCentral has a whole section of our website dedicated to relationships if you want to take a look.
  • If you ever want to write back with some more straight forward explanations of what’s happening in your life we will be able to give you more straightforward feedback. *Not that we don’t like the poetry – we totally do.


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