Overwhelming Emotions

By June 4, 2020No Comments

Last week I was in such a weird state of mind. I cried a lot more than normal, and I wasn’t very happy. It was really confusing because I hadn’t the faintest idea of why I was feeling like this or why it was happening; I felt really lonely and didn’t now what to do, or who to talk to. I was in a state of mind where I was sad and confused and lonely and I didn’t want to be at home anymore. I tried talking myself out of it and thinking about what was happening to me but it didn’t work, it was kind of out of my control. I blamed myself for a lot of things that I didn’t and don’t have control over and I tried to ignite the feeling(s) because I’d thought they’d go away and that I’d sleep the feeling away. I didn’t and I felt horrible. I’m mad at myself a little bit for feeling the way I did, even though I don’t understand it. Thinking about how I was upsets me because I don’t know the root of the cause to why I was feeling the way I was. Thinking on it I’m not sure if I am feeling better actually, I don’t know if I’m ok but I’d just like to know if anyone understands how I feel, and that I’m not the only one who gets like this. The confused sad feeling has been happening not alot- Tuesday a lot and I just want to know why, and that other people feel this too.


  • Thank you so much for opening up to the TeenCentral community and sharing how you have been feeling the last few days.  You are definitely not the only person who sometimes feels sad, confused, or lonely.  If you are able to read through the other stories that have been posted, you will see that just like you, there are many people who also experience powerful, and at times overwhelming, emotions.
  • If you ever need some extra assistance in trying to manage your strong emotions, please remember that you do not need to tackle these situations on your own.  On the “Help” tab of, there are some great resources like the Crisis Textline that are available 24/7 for anyone who may need somebody to listen to how they are feeling.  It is so easy to reach them by simply texting “Hello” to 741741 to start a conversation with somebody who is there for you!
  • It sounds like you have been spending a lot of energy in trying to understand your emotions, but you are left feeling upset and angry because you are still a little confused.  Do you know any trusted adults, like a parent, older sibling, or other relative, who may be able to help you process what you have been experiencing lately?  Remember that you are not alone and there are other people in your life who can offer comfort and support during these tough times that we all encounter.


  • You made a great point when you mentioned that you know that your feelings are coming from somewhere.  However, you still seem a little unsure of what is really the root cause of these strong emotions.  Maybe you could try using the “Weekly Mood Tracker” that is available on under the “Tools” tab to help organize your reflections on your recent experiences?  By really linking together your thoughts and feelings, you may be able to isolate what is adding stress to your life and also the things that bring you peace and joy!
  • So often, when we start thinking a lot about our emotions, it can be challenging to just turn off our thoughts or make them go away.  A great and healthy way to manage this type of situation is to do something that can provide us a fun diversion and a little break from those strong feelings.  If you need some suggestions of enjoyable activities you can try, even if you are stuck at home right now, check out the post “Killing Corona Boredom” under the “What’s New” tab on the website.
  • Although it is completely normal to feel sad and lonely at times, we also have to remember to take care of ourselves and prioritize our happiness.  It is very important to identify and engage in self-care activities that can help us cope with our strong emotions.  Perhaps trying a creative outlet like painting, drawing, or photography can help you better understand your feelings and offer you some relief and comfort at the same time!