Parents can’t know my Passion

Parents can’t know my Passion

Why can I just be myself?  So a few years back I came out as Transgender going from female to male. So at first my parents didn’t believe me then soon I brought it to my therapist. Ever since then nothing has helped. My therapist won’t talk about it and my dysphoria is getting worse. And to add to the dysphoria I’m in love with fashion, but my parents can’t know. They think fashion is a girls thing and that I’m just faking it. I don’t know what to do.


  • It is very courageous to come out to family with your gender identity. That takes strength and a strong belief in yourself and who you are.
  • Fashion is for all ages, gender and sexual identities. Fashion designers come in all shapes and forms. The beauty of fashion is the diversity.  Finding something you are really passionate about is important.  Maybe you can take a fashion class and learn more about it to show your interest.  
  • Talking to a therapist can be really beneficial.  Keep talking to someone you trust and supports you.  They might not always agree with you, but they should be able to help you grow as a person.  It might be hard to hear what they have to say at times, but should be said in a manner that helps you think about your life and allow you to make the decisions that are best for you.  Feel free to share your true feelings with your therapist.  


  • Have you considered sharing your true feelings with your therapist?  How about getting a new therapist? What are the pros and cons of this idea?
  • How does your dysphoria make you feel? Think about journaling and bringing it up to your parents, therapist or trusted friends.
  • Creative outlets can be beneficial, have you considered creating a blog for your love of fashion?