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What are some ways I can control my emotions and not let the way my parents basically control my life because they’re the parent affect my mental health when I’m already struggling?

I just want to be able to hang out with my friends and feel in a good emotional way. being with summer coming up it will be difficult because my parents don’t trust me or like my friends. and they take my phone so I cant communicate with them.


  • Life and our relationships can get us down from time to time and when this happens it often affects our emotions and mood. You are not alone in feeling this way. It can be really challenging and difficult to share your emotions and feelings. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and for sharing your story with us.
  • Check out the TeenCentral site for valuable information. You can search similar stories to see you are not alone with your feelings. Many have written in with similar experiences with their parents. TeenCentral also has information you may find helpful such as “TOOLS” and a “HELP” section in case you need immediate help.
  • Do you have someone that you trust that you can talk to? Maybe a close friend, relative, a teacher or a neighbor? Holding your feelings in can be harmful as they will continue to build and build. When we express our thoughts and feelings in a healthy way it can help us make sense of things and feel better. If you aren’t able to use your phone, who can you talk to? Make a plan ahead of time so you can still express your thoughts and have someone to support you in tough times.

Consider this:

  • Have you ever journaled about your feelings? How do you parents control you? How do you feel when this happens? How can you gain your parents trust? Try writing these feelings down and it could open to door for a face to face discussion with your parents. What is the harm in having a discussion with your parents? How could having a discussion with your parents help improve your relationship?
  • You mentioned feeling like your mental health was affected by your relationship with your parents. How can you cope with all of the feelings you are experiencing? Have you ever tried activities such as yoga, aerobic exercise, or art? Finding a way to express yourself and release the emotions building up can be helpful. If you need more ideas look under “TOOLS” for some other ideas. Keep trying different things until you find something that works for you.