Personal Issues

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I told my partner that I’m into the whole BDSM thing. They were very weirded out by it and won’t talk to me about it. I feel like an alien now. When I talked to my friends about it they had no support for me. My friends are into everything but choking (I’m into choking) and even they were weirded out by it. Sometimes when I go to school I hear people talking about me, but when I asked my friends they said they didn’t say anything. I feel as though I don’t belong in this world anymore and have thought about ending it all.


  • Being into different things than the people around us is what makes us all unique. That itself is not a bad thing.
  • Never feel ashamed or bad about what you like. Dealing with friends who do not like the same things as you can be difficult but remember it is you that likes it not them.
  • Think of some things you can approach your friends with the next time you all get together and talk about BDSM that way they can understand it better. If you still feel like they are not supportive reach out to a trusted adult for some advice on this situation .
  • Not feeling supported can be a unsettling feeling but your life is worth more than that. If you are contemplating suicide please call the CHILDHELP hotline at 1-800-442-4453. There are trained counselors there who’ll listen to your situation without judging you. The call is toll-free and it’s available 24/7.


  • What are some positive ways you can approach the situation when you hear someone talking about you?
  • If you could talk to your friends again about what you are into, what would you say differently?
  • In what ways can you help others understand why you like certain things?