Please Help Me

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I am in 6th grade.
I’m not very good at school so that causes me to get beatings. Sometimes the beatings are punches, kicks, I get choked and even stepped on the stomach. This is all by my mom. I’m very scared of her and everyone knows it. Recently, I was informed I was getting left back…my mom didn’t hurt me though and was actually trying to get me up due to Co-vid. But I went with my dad for his week and my grandma called her to come get me when I didn’t do anything to her. I have bruises on my face that are purple and red bruises from a charger piece all over my arm and leg. I just wish my mom knew the amount of pain she causes me and calls me manipulative when she is the manipulative one. She says things like “she’s lying on you” and other stuff to make me feel in the wrong. I have eating problems and will force myself not to eat anything. She calls me things like ugly to make me feel bad and I’m just always still nice to her. I can’t bring myself to be mean even when she beats me. I know my dad feels bad for me and that’s why I love him. He always makes me feel better and my mom just ends up trying to say things like now you can’t go to your father’s house and the abuse lasts longer. Please help me.


Help Yourself

  • It must be very frightening to feel worried about your own safety so often. Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central to try and get some help through this.
  • Your safety is the most important thing in your life and it’s not ok for anyone to be hit or scared! When you are in danger, please call 9-1-1 and let them help you. 
  • What about talking with your dad about what’s happening at home with your mom? If it’s hard to find the words, although it sounds like you may have told your dad some of what’s happening, maybe you could journal about it and share it. The most important thing is to talk about what’s happening! Have you tried talking to another trusted adult about what’s happening as well? They may be able to help guide you in the right direction and provide the support you need while you get help. It can be a teacher, pastor, coach, counselor- someone you trust to help you.
  • There are also hotlines and websites that you can call anytime to get help:

Child Help USA National Hotline
Available 24/7, over 170 languages
Helps youth who are suffering child abuse

1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

The Anti-Violence Project
Available 24/7, English and Spanish, LGBT-inclusive
Support for individuals who have suffered violence

Hotline 212-714-1124

Consider This

  • If you haven’t already, our website has several tools you may be interested in trying. In our “What’s New” blogs we have many different articles, including one on how to get help for abuse during the pandemic – click here.
  • In our “Tools” tab we have different aides, including assistance in creating a support plan, how to plan to make a difficult decision and even one on Depression.
  • Have you tried talking to a professional about the situation? You may want to try a counselor or therapist that can help you find what you need. Any teacher, guidance counselor or a caring adult can help you find someone to talk to. Also you can look up help in you area just by Googling “find help near me.”
  • It’s good that you’ve taken the first step in getting help for yourself. Keep moving yourself forward- there are many people out there who are willing to help.