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Problems with a relationship

By June 27, 2017No Comments

So basically me and this boy met at this party and then I called him hot and he really liked it. When I said he was hot we started hanging around and flirting around, then he asked me for my social media name and I gave it to him. Then when I got home he texted me. At this point I had a boyfriend but started to have feelings for him so I broke up with my boyfriend and one day later he asked me out and I said yes then we went out for a week. Then one day I asked him how was your day at school he told me it was good and there was a new girl and how pretty she is. I really got sad the way he was talking about that girl then I ended the call and texted him, “babe do you still love me” and he said “babe what kind of question is that” then we started to argue. The same day he broke up with me saying stuff I didn’t even understand but then a few days later he texted me saying, “my mom wants us to get back together” I was like, “erm call me so we can talk about it” then we talked about it. Then we went back out but this time it feels weird, he always says I love you but now he doesn’t compliment me. It’s because he got forced to go back out with me. What should I do? Please help because I actually really love him and I don’t wanna lose him again


  •  Having difficulty in a relationship is something many people go through, and it is normal to be afraid of losing someone for a second time. Relationships are difficult, and you are strong for asking for advice about it.
  • Maybe you could consider sitting down with your boyfriend in person and explaining your feelings about your relationship, including how you feel about the other girl. Sometimes talking about things over text messages can get confusing. You also can get a better sense of the truth in person.
  • If you suspect that he was forced into the relationship maybe you could confront him about that. You deserve to be loved, and if you are not being treated as you should be, you may find more happiness somewhere else.
  • You mentioned that he said things that you did not understand during an argument. Maybe you can ask him about those things, and get a better understanding of why you broke up the first time.


  • How would things change if you sat down in person and talked about your relationship problems?
  • What would talking to a parent or trusted adult about this do for your situation?
  • How would understanding your first break-up help you in your relationship?