Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice

I need help. I’m 14-year-old and dating a 15-year-old guy. I’ve never met him because we live really far apart. We’ve said that we love each other and everything, but I’m scared that I just love him because I’m lonely and he’s the only person who has ever made me feel this special. More importantly, what if he only loves me because he’s lonely too?


Consider This

  • You are smart to look deeper into your feeling about the relationship to reflect if this is a person you actually want to be with.
  • Relationships can to be complicated, but they are also unique to every couple. Long distance relationships can be particularly difficult, especially when you haven’t met the other person yet.
  • Consider if there are other reasons that you love this person. It may be beneficial to list down the list of pros and cons of being is a relationship.
  • You could try discussing your feelings with the other person to see their thoughts about the relationship. They may be sharing the same thoughts or not be aware of your feelings at all. Writing down a few questions beforehand could help keep the discussion in the right direction.
  • You may want to try to get involve with other activities such as playing a sport or taking up an interesting hobby. Trying new things may lead to meeting new people to help figure out if being lonely is the main factor of your relationship.


Help Yourself

  • How do you feel when you speak/correspond with this boy? How much happiness does he add to your life?
  • How do you feel about being in a long distance relationship? How can the two of you maintain this relationship?
  • Besides feeling lonely, what are some of the other reasons for being in a relationship with this person?
  • What are a few good/bad qualities about this person?
  • How do you feel about letting the relationship run its course and allow whatever happens to happen?
  • How do your parents feel about this relationship? If they’re not aware of the relationship, how do you think they’ll react?