Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

For the last 20 days I have been in a committed relationship. However, we keep fighting a lot. Sometimes we fight over the dumbest things, and we do not know how to sort it out. It is all very immature. Is this a big problem? In addition how do we overcome this? If we keep fighting what are the chances that this relationship will last? Everyone around me thinks that this relationship will not last.


  • You are very brave coming here and asking for advice.
  • Consider talking to your partner about your concerns.
  • Healthy discussion of feelings is a good thing. However, fighting is not. Consider trying to calmly talk to your partner about your issues.
  • When a disagreement is starting consider taking a walk and letting things calm down.
  • Consider listening to your friends and family. Sometimes they see things we are too blind to see.


  • Have you discussed your concerns with your partner?
  • What advice have your friends and family  given you? Do your friends and family like your partner?
  • What are the biggest things you two fight about? Do you have a lot in common?
  • Are you happy in this relationship?