Secret Admirer

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So my life is crazy. I got a secret admirer note and I’m pretty sure that its my friend. Anyway, he dated one of my other friends in the past and is dating her again. I may like him a little ANF that is legit girl code. But he is also like family. I have a huge decision to make ANF I don’t know what do. Help please!


  • Hi and welcome to the Teen Central community!!!  Be proud that you made the first steps to navigate the emotions you are feel toward your friend.  It sure can be difficult when considering turning a friendship into a relationship.
  • Check out the TC website under the TOOLS page.  Here you will find a really helpful article on Making hard decisions.  The article includes worksheets that you can print out and fill in.  This is something we all could use from time to time.  It helps us to clearly evaluate the pros and cons of our hard to make decisions.
  • Another great resource is the Positive Self Talk statements under the TOOLS page on TC.  This is another thing we all could benefit from.  Be creative!!  Display these affirmations somewhere that you will notice them and pick one or two a day to read.  maybe make a collage, cards, or a poster.  Use your imagination and make it fun.  Read the affirmations daily and repeat them to yourself.  A positive mind will help you feel confident in your decisions.
  • Do you have a trusted adult you can share your feelings with?  Maybe a parent, aunt or uncle, school counselor?  It helps when you can share your feelings with another person.


  • Journal, journal, journal!!!  It can be so helpful when we are trying to work through our emotions.  Write down what’s on your mind, doodle affirmations, or whatever comes to your mind.
  • Check out previous posts on the TC website that include relationship issues, decision making, and many other helpful stories.  You will find that your not alone and that others have worked through similar emotions.
  • Practice self care- go for a brisk walk, get out in the sunshine for 20 minutes, make sure your taking care of you!!  Read a book, write a poem, make some art, practice mindfulness.  Find what helps you and run with it!!