Sexual Trauma and abuse- looking for help

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When I was in grade 7 I was friends with this boy and he would drag me away to hidden places in the school and grab at me and sometimes finger me. Since then I’ve been raped at a high school party and abused at home. My parents want to send me to a boot camp or juvenile and everyday gets worse. I feel lost and worthless and can’t really see the point in doing anything anymore.

Consider This:

  •  You have been through a lot already in your life.  Thank you for sharing your story on Teen Central.  You might be acting out some of the hurt and pain you have felt in the past and need someone to help you work through that so you can live the rest of your life.
  • Try to be in the present and focus on the future and all the things you CAN do in life.  When we dwell on the past too much, we begin to get a very negative mindset and this negative attitude affects our actions and how we treat others.  First of all, try to surround yourself with positive, supportive people in your life.  As you choose your friends, be very careful to chose wisely.  If there are things in your life that you cannot change (like who your family is or where you live for examples) accept these and focus on things you can change (like your own attitude, learning from your mistakes, or who your friends are).
  • You mentioned you are being abused at home and sexually assaulted at a high school party.  These must be reported to someone immediately.  Find a trusted adult who can help you navigate how to do this.  Several options are to tell your school counselor or teacher, you could call a hotline that offers help 24 hours a day, or find an adult who you trust to share this information.  If you do not find the help you need with one person, try a different option until you get the help you need.  Do not give up.  If you are in immediate danger, call 911. The National Teen Help line is  1-800-273-TALK if you ever need it.
  •  Consider seeing a therapist or joining a support group for kids who have dealt with trauma in the past.  If you take action to prevent some of the negatives in your life you may be able to avoid going to a boot camp or residential center.  Ask at school or a trusted adult to help you with this as well.  Also, do not give up on this.  You might need to find the right group or counselor before making real progress.  Be patient with the process.


  • You have already taken a great first step in helping yourself by writing in to Teen Central.  What do you think your next step would be?
  • Who is an adult that you feel most comfortable asking for help?  If they cannot help you, what is your back up plan?
  • How can you help yourself gain a more positive attitude about life and your interactions?
  • What can you start today to help yourself feel a little more positive?