She is pushing me away

By August 2, 2017No Comments

My girlfriend is going through a lot right now. She is pushing me away.


  • It’s understandable to feel concerned that your girlfriend is pushing you away while she is going through something. Although some people turn away from their loved ones because they do not want to burden them or believe they can handle their problems alone, it is still hurtful. You are kind for trying to support her. 
  • Consider letting your girlfriend’s family know how she is pushing you away. This might help them try to speak with her and share their concerns.
  • Try asking your girlfriend how you can help her deal her issues. This way you might get a better idea of what she feels she needs and she will know you are there for her.
  • Try giving your girlfriend some space for now. She might need time to mentally process everything before she is willing to talk to you. You are doing your best letting her know that you are there when she does need help. 


  • What safe and supportive adults could help your girlfriend and help you?
  • How would your girlfriend’s family react if you let them know your concerns?
  • How would you know if your girlfriend needs more help than you can give?