Single Mom Struggling with Daughter Harming Herself

By March 23, 2018No Comments

I am a single mom blessed with twins. They are 13 years old. My daughter is cutting herself and I need help!!


  • It is very hard to try understand why your daughter could be harming herself. However, it is good you are aware of it and seeking help.
  • Maybe you both can seek therapy to see why your daughter feels the need to harm herself. There are many resources out there on and also online.Β Β S.A.F.E. AlternativesΒ or call 1-800-DONTCUT (366-8288).
  • Try talking with her when you are calm and not upset. Try to see why she needs to do this and maybe figure out alternative ways to release feelings like exercise or writing or drawing, etc.
  • Maybe you both can spend some one-on-one time together and do some positive and fun things that you both enjoy doing together like shopping, getting your nails done, going to a movie, having a picnic, etc.


  • What would happen if you reached out talk with a professional therapist or did some research online for assistance?
  • What are some positive outlets that you can show your daughter to help release any negative feelings?
  • What are some positive fun things you both can do like shopping, going to movie, etc?