Slipping away

By March 23, 2020No Comments

I’ve never really opened up to anyone about anything before and I do it once and I’m labeled as a attention seeker. So when I told my friend that I liked someone I wanted her to support me. And she did for all of 3 months. She told me that she liked him too via a story on this website. She didn’t want to tell me straight up bc she thought I’d get mad. I didn’t. The thing that made me upset was the fact that she made it about her instead of trying to work it out.
I have a lot going on and that was just the icing to the cake. I had a total of 4 mental breakdowns today so I decide to tell my friend who’s been through something like this all she says is your fine. She doesn’t ask what’s wrong or try’s to help me. So when I asked her why she didn’t want to talk she said bc she was talking to her boyfriend. I texted the first friend (my best friend) and said I’m sorry and you could tell that she didn’t want to talk to me and now I feel like my best friend is slipping away.
I understand that I was being a tad insensitive but can you blame me? I’ve been silenced my whole life. And I’m sorry.


  • You seem really frustrated, I commend you for being aware of your needs and taking the time to reach out to the Teen Central community for support.
  • There are many resources on how to handle stress and anxiety, which could be contributing to your breakdowns. You can start by looking at the Learn and Tools tabs above for worksheets and tips. I also recommend body-based techniques such as grounding breath, walking meditation, yoga, or other creative movement activities which can help you rid your body of extra stress.
  • It must feel so lonely to feel like your best friend is slipping away, especially if you have a lot going on in your life. If you ever feel that you are unsafe in any way, please reach out to an immediate response hotline or website like the Crisis Textline, which is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with people who can interact with you immediately. Just Text “HELLO” to 741741 to start a conversation.


  • Labels that other people assign to us can be hurtful, and can make us feel negatively about our own thoughts and actions. It is important to remember that one person’s perception of you does not make that label true. What are some positive qualities that you are able to bring to friendships and other relationships in your life?
  • Think about the way that you and your friends typically communicate, is it on the phone? Over text? Video calls? While technology can be an amazing tool to connect people, it can also cause a lot of miscommunication. Is it possible that some of these frustrations are due to the primary way you communicate? A lot of meaning can be lost when it is only text on a screen.
  • Get outside! Take a walk, clear your head, and think about why this situation is bothering you so much. Sometimes disagreements fizzle out on their own when given a bit of room to breathe. Would this scenario benefit from being set aside temporarily, so that you can tackle it with a clearer thought process?