Standing up

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Since I started developing more curve hips boobs etc. People have always seen me as a piece of meat and don’t treat me with respect but one moment that really stuck with me was when I was gonna leave to my home town, me and one of my best friends since 4th grade where on a zoom and he was talking to another kid we knew since 4th grade. At my middle school there’s two “Filisha”‘s (Not actual name) and we both wear glasses, we both have curly hair. I’m a little darker then her, she’s taller then me. The way he joins our zoom and the way he greats me is “heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy big booty “Filisha”, this didn’t make me sad no no no no it filled me with anger and I just wanted to knock the crap out of him. I told him off and he still proceeds to call me big booty “Filisha”. I just wanna be respected.


  • Thank you for trusting us with your story! We recently had someone write in another story titled “Almost Catcalled:. You should take a look at that story so you can see that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in the feelings you have about this.
  • We want to strongly encourage you for you for standing up for yourself. Keep doing this because you deserve respect as a growing woman and human being. Having a positive body image at a young age is hugely important. Check out our page on this by clicking HERE.
  • Besides your parents, do you have any other trusted adults in your life – an aunt or uncle, older cousin, guidance counselor, coach, youth leader in your place of worship? Maybe you can talk with this person about some ways to handle getting this boy who is disrespectful to you. Nothing replaces a face to face conversation!


  • There are some things you can try on your own to take care of your self in the meantime.  You can find support from friends or let him know that you are not appreciative of what he says to you and that you are going to stop talking with him or get some advice from friends and trusted adults about next steps.
  • Do you have a journal? Here are some possible journalling prompts:
    • What would happen if you talked with a trusted adult and/or friend about some solutions to get this boy to stop being disrespectful?
    • How can you talk with him about how you are feeling without getting upset but still standing up for yourself?
    • What are your options if he continues to be disrespectful to you in the Zoom?