Stress and Guilt

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I am very stressed all the time and I can’t focus properly. Also, quarantine had made me think about the past a lot. The memory of hearing and seeing a friend die haunts me. I have self harmed and I can’t help it. All my emotions are mixed up and I don’t know whether I can be happy anymore. I am always nervous and very self-conscious. I have had suicidal thoughts and I was bullied for 3 years.


  • Thank you so much for reaching out and trusting the Teen Central Community with your story! Losing a friend can be an incredibly painful experience by itself. Adding the extra trauma of hearing and seeing it can make it even more difficult to cope with and feel like you can heal. Experiences like these can have powerful and long reaching impacts but taking the step of talking about it shows your BRAVERY and STRENGTH. We are here to listen and help… You are not alone in this.
  • The journey of grieving can be difficult and even scary with all the thoughts and feelings you may experience during the process. You may even feel out of control with no happiness in sight. This is often a normal part of grief and loss and learning about how grief impacts you can be a powerful tool in overcoming it. Under the “LEARN” tab we have a section on grief and loss to help you through. In addition to grief and loss page, you can also find information on topics such as self harm, depression, and bullying. There is also a ‘Tools” tab with other resources and a “HELP” tab with multiple hotlines that you can text or call for immediate help if you ever feel unsafe.
  • Have you tried talking with a trusted parent, guardian, or another adult? Even during the quarantine when people can’t physically spend time together, it’s super important to reach out and communicate in other ways to lean on those support systems in times of need. Sometimes just the ability to talk to someone else about what you are feeling or experiencing can help you feel better.


  • Did you ever try writing or journaling about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings? Often times having a creative outlet can help us process painful events and other issues we are working through. You can also try making a list of all the different emotions you are experiencing to help you feel a little less mixed up.
  • Sometimes when going through rough times, we get stuck and forget to do some of the things that have brought us happiness or joy in the past. Perhaps you try making a list of the positive things you enjoy doing and take some time to focus on those. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, it can be something as simple as listening to a certain song, lighting a favorite candle, or watching a favorite movie.
  • Questions about the future and if you can/will be happy are absolutely normal; especially after experiencing tough times. During these moments, try to take control of them by setting small goals for the future that will help make you happy. What is it you want for your future and what are the baby steps that will help you get there?