Stressed out with suicidal thoughts

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I am a very nice person who also happens to deal with extreme stress, anxiety, and feel hopeless about life. I really hate dealing with these things, especially as a student in high school. When I was little, people thought I would be the perfect child, but that all turned around when I reached the age of eight and started being very cocky to people and talking about death, even after dealing with one. Now I am a teenager doing all of this stuff and suffering as a suicidal person who doesn’t know what to do. Please help me!


  • High school can be very stressful for teens.  If you suffer from anxiety then sometimes you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed.  You don’t know how to handle these feelings and you are having suicidal thoughts.  You are right.  You need help.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious to the point where you are having suicidal thoughts, please call CHILD HELP USA at 1-800-422-4453 right now.  There are people there who you can talk to about how you are feeling and try to get you some help.
  • Please remember that you are important.  You are going through a lot right now and you need some help and support.  You deserve to be happy, so please don’t give up.
  • Some people find that talking to people can help.  Sharing your story on this website is a good start, but please consider finding an adult that you can confide in.  They might be able to get you some help. Consider finding a relative or adult at school that you trust and talking to them about what is going on.
  • Finally, when you are feeling really anxious or stressed, try doing something different to help you to cope. Some people find that exercise, keeping a journal, volunteering or listening to music helps.  Consider what you can do to feel better the next time you start to feel overwhelmed.


If you had someone to talk to about how you are feeling, what would you say to them?

Who are some people that you think may be able to help you to deal with your stress and anxiety?

What are some activities that you enjoy that you can do the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and lost?