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Struggling with anti-gay bullies

By July 17, 2017No Comments

My name is Samantha and I just want to say I am gay. But I do not understand why guys think they can change my sexuality by getting in my pants and telling me that guys are better then girls in sex. I mean I have even gotten raped because a guy thought he could change me!!! I am so done with guy bullies I cannot wait to rub it in their face when I have a girlfriend because they don’t own me or my body and sexuality.

Thanks and please give me advice?


  • You are a very brave and strong to stand up for yourself and be who you are no matter what.
  • Maybe you should talk with a trusted adult or counselor about being subjected through rape and verbal abuse about being gay.
  • Maybe you can take some time for self care. Do some activities that make you happy like drawing, writing, exercising outside, going out with friends.
  • There is positive support on and online that can help you get the support you need with people that are bullies.


  • What would happen if you talked with a trusted adult or counselor about being bullied and raped because of being gay?
  • What can you do take some time to self care through whatever actives you enjoy like art, writing or spending time with caring friends?
  • What kind of positive support do you think you can find on or online?