Stuck At Home

By May 28, 2020No Comments

I’ve been grounded for about 3 months now and during this stay-at-home order. My parents don’t care I ask them and I get shut down and I don’t even have my t.v.


Help Yourself

  • Asking for help is important. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and for sharing your story with us. This has been a difficult and frustrating time for millions of people and being mandated to stay-at-home is troublesome to many.
  • You might want to explore the TeenCentral website for some helpful information. Under the “What’s New” tab you will find “Finding a Way Through Covid-19”. This article will help you find ways to cope with the frustrating and overwhelming feelings you may be experiencing at this time.
  • I know it may be really hard to connect to with your parents sometimes. Is there anyone else you trust that you could talk to? Maybe a friend, sibling, cousin, or other family member. Many others may be feeling some of the same things you are feeling during this stay-at-home period.

Consider This

  • Look under the “What’s New” tab you will find “Killing the Corona Boredom”. This article will give you many different ideas to keep your mind and body entertained. It includes many different ideas and strategies that you may find helpful and you can pick the ones that will work for you.
  • During this time focus on what you can do to stay positive and help time pass. Under the “TOOLS” tab there are many ideas to help you do so. Do you enjoy journaling? Or maybe give yoga a try.
  • With summer quickly approaching, try taking advantage of the sunshine. Take a walk or a bike ride around the block. Being in nature can help ease your mind and keep yourself busy while we all find ourselves “stuck inside”.