sudden death of a close friend

sudden death of a close friend

I’m so depressed because one of my friends died.  It was like a shooting accident but this is killing me inside.  I need help more than a receive right now.  It is horrible when I go to her house and get in to the room.  It feels very, very horrible.  It’s like something broken inside of me.  Like I can’t get over this and it’s really annoying. I just need help so I can be at peace.

Consider This

  • Thank you for taking the time to express yourself here on TeenCentral.  It sounds like you have been dealing with a lot and the sudden death of a friend can take a toll on your emotions.  Things like this take time.  Please give yourself the time to heal from your loss.
  • You can heal from the loss of a friend a few ways.  One way is to be easy on yourself.  Remember your friend and maybe even jot down memories as they come in a journal.  This is part of the grieving  process.  You have experienced a loss and understanding that you will hurt for a while is okay.  Also, know that you will be okay.  With time, you will feel less pain, but you will always have the memories of your friendship.
  • Try talking to a trusted adult about your loss and feelings surrounding it.  Sometimes, you need extra help from someone to guide you through your feelings.  This person could be a school counselor, a family friend, or even a professional counselor.  It is actually a really good idea to check in with an adult several times throughout the process in case you need more help.
  • Try doing some positive things for yourself to help you feel better.  The activities might take your mind off of the pain you are feeling and give yourself a break.  It will also feel good to be doing something you enjoy.  Try to find something that you enjoy such as a sport, a creative art, or any recreational activity.  If you don’t have something you enjoy, try joining a class at your school or local recreation center.

Help Yourself

  • Who could you reach out to discuss your loss with?
  • What kind of activities can you do to help you cope with your feelings?
  • What can you remind yourself when you feel you are overwhelmed with emotions?

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