Tag: Abuse

Scared by nightmares and flashbacks

Warning: The story below is somewhat disturbing, read at your own risk. Do not feel compelled to read it all. If you can’t handle it, feel free to just close it. So basically, I’m almost entirely certain that I was abused and neglected as a child...

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I don’t know what to do

Hey! when i was younger I got touched by one of my uncles and ever since then i have felt like it was a mistake and no one will ever get me. so about a year ago i got mixed up with a 21 year old and he said some stuff and I believed it.

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Uncomfortable and need to share

My dad has always said and done things to make me uncomfortable. He has threatened to get in the shower with me with our swimsuits on so he could wash me properly. He hasn’t threatened it in a while or done it. But today I had fallen hard...

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