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Dealing With Trauma

I’m 19 and I believe that there has to be something wrong with me. It’s been almost 2 years now,  but I am still thinking about it every day.  I still wake up in fear and I still see his souless eyes when I close mine. Is this...

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Written Porn Addiction

I am a teenage girl, and I am addicted to written porn. I feel really ashamed about it. My parents would be angry at me if I told them so there is no way I am going to. I am struggling with self-loathing because of this problem.   Consider...

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I miss cutting

I know it is stupid, but I miss cutting. I crave it. Though I do not do it, I want to. I’m not really stressed at the moment, I just miss the feeling. I miss the rush through my veins and the dizziness that I feel. I just miss it. I know...

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