Tag: Confused

Heart Against the Mind 

My best friend of 16 years ruined my first and only relationship because she was jealous even though she has a boyfriend. And she won’t admit it or apologize. But I know it was her fault.  I’m 20 years old. My friend and I have been...

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I’m Losing My Mind

I’m losing my mind.I’m not thinking anymore about anything. Everything’s just a schedule, a program, a routine. I don’t think about what I’m doing anymore. I just go through it. I’m no longer feeling. My friends talk to me less and less and my...

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I Just Want to Be Me

I need some advice from you guys. I may not take it, but I feel as if it’s a good idea to at least write this out. Sorry in advance. So, I’ve been in therapy and on medication for a while, i.e. about 3 years. My brain is now fighting...

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