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Very Traditional Family

So Iv’e written about my struggles with sexuality to TeenCentral and it helped (Thank you btw!) and I have discovered that I am Polysexual. This term often gets confused with Polyamorous but it isn’t. It’s always a little harder...

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Running Away

wth this is my second time today reaching out to you today. but anyways i keep scratching myself, i hate my stepmom an dad rn because they hate my mom and they are trying to make me hate her. idk who to believe or how to react. i think on monday...

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Making Bets that are not fair

Is it fair for our dad to hold us to this bet? I’m a 16 year old girl and my sister is 14. I should probably start by saying my dad is really good at sleight of hand magic and stuff like that. That’s how he was able to pull this off...

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