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When You Like Someone

I don’t know if I like a boy. I recently went on a school trip to the Norfolk Broads and whilst I was there – I met two boys. Both of them are the sweetest and I love them dearly, but I’m not sure if I have a crush on one of...

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My Dad Is In Jail

So, my dad is in jail for child pornography. I feel like my girlfriend deserves to know but I have no idea how to tell her. I’m kind of stuck. Any advice? CONSIDER THIS: Telling your girlfriend negative details about your personal life can...

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Making Mistakes Around My Crush

  TeenCentral Stories : Entry # 502    show empty fields I have a problem. Whenever I like a boy, and we start to become friends, I make the same mistake every time. I get my friends to ask if he likes me. When my friends ask, it ruins my...

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