Tag: Teen dating

Cheating Boyfriend

My boyfriend is always hitting on my friends and telling other girls that he loves them. He behaves so nice to me. He is so loving. He says that he is just joking around and that he only loves me. It’s happening so often, but I don’t want to get...

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I knew this boy; let’s call him Tom. Tom and I were best friends and we were really close. He was really sweet. If I was ever sad, he would do anything to the best of his ability to make me happy. We always had jokes with each other. We sat...

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When You Like Someone

I don’t know if I like a boy. I recently went on a school trip to the Norfolk Broads and whilst I was there – I met two boys. Both of them are the sweetest and I love them dearly, but I’m not sure if I have a crush on one of...

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